Moderntimes is a company creates projects for all kinds of brands and organizations in the areas of film, music and digital marketing. We produce and shoot short movies, feature-length movies, music videos and commercials for internet and television. Our work covers all the processes of filmmaking including editing and creating 3D and 2D character animation and illustration. We also offer high quality event filming, whether it to be for a seminar, conference, festival or any other event. We are a full service, video production and advertising company so that we help brands in having meaningful conversations in social media and getting the attention of their target audiences. In line with that, we create social media strategies depending on the insights of the audiences and find ideas to turn into projects to increase engagement with them. We deal with all the phases of the process; determining the strategy, finding creative projects, production and social media.

Every creative idea has a behind the scenes Modern Times works nonstop and tirelessly for the happiness of everyone.
Here you can watch our showreel 2014;

It's an independent space and has all the creative ideas which have turned into reality. It's a show center of not only the creative ideas but also the backstage and sincerity.